Richard Walker

Managing Director Australia Operations

Richard Walker 2Mr. Walker has worked at a senior level for several large multinational Corporations and has over twenty years experience in the management of the cash flows of these complex organizations. After completing his first degree in Accounting and Finance, he rose through the ranks of one of the largest Stock Brokerage Firms in the Asia Pacific Region where he was given the position of Assistant Treasurer managing the operations of the business. From there Mr. Walker moved to one of the world’s largest banks where he was responsible for the trading of Government Bonds and other securities. After successfully building up this business, Mr. Walker moved to run the business enterprises of some of Australia’s wealthiest families. As an entrepreneur he has been a Director of a number of private and publicly listed companies, and has a successful Corporate Advisory background having advised numerous companies on Strategy, Finance and Investor Relations managing the Pre and post IPO process of these public companies. Mr. Walker has a Bachelor of Pure & Applied Chemistry Degree and a Bachelor of Business in Finance along with Graduate degrees in Banking, Finance and Business Administration with distinction and a Masters in Law. In addition he is a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors.