Francois Garcia

Managing Director Montreal Canada Operations
FrancoiseMr. Garcia is a serial entrepreneur who brings knowledge and expertise in the fields of film production, technology, public relations and advertising. He was instrumental in the founding, management, and board advisory of film, technology, public relations, marketing and publishing companies such as: OM Entertainment, Convergence Media, Ecommerce Associates, Transporto, Planet City Software, POV Pictures, Wishmaker Films, Millennium Multimedia, NASA Jeans, Loub Comunications, Garcia Publishing, Urecommend Media.

Mr. Garcia has also produced, directed and consulted on many Feature Films,  Corporate & Music Videos, in addition he has been directly involved in software production & distribution, has founded & operated retail channels (online and physical), and to this day continues to be the creative force behind several Films, magazines and books.  Most recently through his firm Impact Future Media partnership with Equinoxe films he has secured and partnered with John McAfee for the rights and promotion of his life story with the purpose of financing and producing a feature length motion picture, Documentary and Book entitled Running in the Background (Working Title).

Mr. Garcia is a long time friend and partner at Core and responsible for business origination in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto Canada.  He lives in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec with his wife and son.