Ray Matthews

Managing Director Vancouver Canada Operations
Ray Bio_2Mr. Matthews is the Founder of Ray Matthews and Associates.  He is a former educator, Rotary Foundation Scholar, author and entrepreneur, whose focus is marketing, business development and financing.

Mr. Matthews founded the direct-sales company Balance Fashions in 1990 and turned it into a multi-million dollar company in just 24 months and, after expanding sales distribution internationally, he sold it successfully in 1992. Mr. Matthews then ventured into the web world as a financier and start-up specialist.

In 2000, he co-founded and led the financing of Qwest Emerging Biotech Fund (VCC) Ltd., a boutique life sciences fund that in 2004 merged into the Advantage Life Science Fund I and, in 2006, won Canadian Venture Capital Association ‘Deal of the Year’ for its successful exit of Aspreva Pharmaceuticals (23.4X). In addition to leading the fund raising, Ray targeted and closed a strategic agreement between Qwest Emerging Biotech Fund (VCC) Ltd. and Burrill and Company, one of the largest life science merchant banks in the world. Ray is also the founding partner of Lions Capital and BC Advantage Funds; was responsible for aggregating over $250 million in venture capital and portfolio company financings, and assisting significant fund raising requirements for external private and public companies.

His relationship with Core extends to cross border transactions in the areas of finance, M&A, Financial Advisory and originations.

Mr. Matthews is a proud father of #1 son Erik; an avid sportsman, skate skier, squash and tennis player, avid reader, world citizen and home exchanger internationally.