Thomas C. Muniz

Managing Director, Technology Operations & amp; Logistics
Mr. Muniz is a senior-level, strategic consultant to Core Venture Partners (CVP) in the disciplines of operations management and product/service logistical fulfillment for Audio-Video, IT, CCTV, and Mobile digital data-media infrastructure. With a multifaceted and impressive 20+ year career in sales, marketing, and technical operations,

Mr. Muniz has held successful upper management P&L positions in both the Great Lakes region and NY/NJ/CT tri-state area, with product technology giants Texas Instruments, GI/Motorola, Control Data, SONY, Pioneer, and ElectroSonic. More recently, over the past decade, Mr. Muniz has provided innovative business plan models, coupled with executive management directorial leadership, in start-up ventures within the burgeoning business space of Internet/New Media, all HQ based in Seattle. Currently, Mr. Muniz is working as Director of Digital Projects—in his final year of a three-year contract—retooling a mid-sized, Texas-based, data-structured cabling company with dramatic organic growth into a rollup M&A exit strategy.Mr. Muniz holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Michigan’s Lawrence Institute of Technology and has served on various standards committees and governing bodies in New Media, Digital Signage, CAM Surveillance, and Wired/Wireless Data IP Connectivity. Mr. Muniz also served as the President and COO at Impart while Mr. Martinez was the CEO. Mr. Muniz is presently telecommuting between his Irvine, CA and Houston, TX USA offices.