Giving Back

Giving back to native American

Metis Legacy

Our mission at Core is to provide Business Advisory Services to emerging and middle market companies in the areas of finance, technology, and business management. In addition, we also want to give back to our communities and our country by using the array of financial and technical skills that we have acquired during our respective technical and financial careers. With that in mind, we formed Metis Legacy Partners to build multifamily housing in key areas of the country that are underserved. We have been successful in that venture and launched Metis Legacy Partners Fund II in 2021. Our focus at Metis is to build homes in tertiary areas of the country with above average cap rates and in areas that have Opportunity Zone approval in communities of color. In our research we have found a large market need in these areas that have historically been underserved, therefor our objectives at Core Venture Partners and our ancillary companies are: 

  • To help with homeownership and rental access
  • Help create jobs
  • Improve access to capital 
  • Accelerate Investment in such communities
  • To help build a more diverse workforce

Native American Practice KIVA Capital Group, LLC (KCG)

In our market study we found that other underserved areas in the USA are in the Native American Communities described by tribes as Indian Country. Over the last two years we have made tremendous strides connecting and developing key relationships with tribes that are looking for solutions to increase jobs, provide housing, and business diversification. As a result, I approached my long-time friend Joe Herrera, Jr to join us in our efforts.

By way of background Mr. Herrera is an executive in the energy field having worked with such companies as Johnson Controls and Honeywell. He joined us to head our Native American Practice as a Managing Director and Partner in our Core Practice and will be the head of The Kiva Capital Group, LLC (KCG) and or Kiva. Under Kiva Mr. Herrera will expand his reach into Native American Communities and use his prior career experience as an executive in the sustainability industry.

Born and raised in the multigenerational New Mexico Native American Village of Cochiti Mr. Herrera brings years of technical and industry knowledge in the sector – he brings a cultural connection to Native American Tribes throughout the United States. In addition, he brings a combination of expertise in the energy sector to help develop commercially viable and sustainable companies that help our environment provide long-term, meaningful jobs in Native American Reservations and in designated Opportunity Zones. In essence the very nature of our collaboration is to assist in the building of smart homes, ecofriendly structures, solar arrays, telecommunications and broadband infrastructure, and other technologies in Indian Country.